44-year-old police constable of Kadapa, Malisetty Venkataramana, has proved to be a Good Samaritan by his selfless service to orphans, beggars, lepers, the mentally challenged and destitute women. On noticing the villagers’ hesitation to remove the decomposed body of an aged beggar woman who drowned in a stream at Porumamilla, while he was working there in 1993, he physically carried the body and buried it along its banks. This act gave him immense mental satisfaction that he never experienced in the past, Mr. Venkataramana says. Subsequently, he performed the funeral rites of an elderly woman.

The zeal to serve beggars, lepers and orphans spurred him on to set up the Paramatma Seva Trust in 2006. Soon, Mr. Venkataramana began getting calls on the death of destitute women, beggars and urchins. With the support of a few friends, he began giving them a bath, carrying the unclaimed bodies and performing their last rites in Kadapa.

He has so far performed the funeral rites of 200 such neglected persons. He also performs ‘pinda pradanam’ to the 200 deceased in Pennar river at Pushpagiri and offer ‘tharpanam’ in the holy river of Ganga.


The policeman has not only donated blood on 30 occasions so far but enlisted nearly 800 blood donors to help critically wounded accident victims and women during child-birth. He is preparing a directory of voluntary blood donors to be kept near hospitals, bus stations, fire and railway stations.

In addition, he has put up over a dozen glass boxes with the slogan ‘manavatham mana andaridi’ near hotels and supermarkets after which people began dropping bread, biscuits, chocolates, etc. in them. Volunteers collect them from boxes every evening and distribute them among inmates of orphanages, beggars, mentally challenged children and so on.

By persuading donors, Mr. Venkataramana has been organising birthday functions for inmates of orphanages giving them joyful moments. With the help of donors, he distributed blankets among 450 beggars who live on footpaths in Kadapa, Y.S.R District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

For 18 years now, he has made countless trips to cremation grounds or graveyards to give a dignified farewell to the dead in his hometown Kadapa. Performing the last rites of unclaimed bodies, of beggars, the homeless elderly, and caring for and providing food for orphans, has been high on Ramana’s unofficial duty chart. He has performed over 200 funerals, often alone, sometimes with friends, of people neglected by all in life and death.

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Do we need to have a good education and does that guarantee us success, and a happier life?

In my home country India, Children can be seen lugging and carrying heavy bags, shuttling to schools and tuition centres and back home. Going for stressful examinations are a common sights in India, as most people assume that all the sacrifice will be worth it because education is the key to success, wealth and a better life.

On the other hand, we have heard of college dropouts like Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. They only have little or some formal education, and this apparently prove that all that schooling may just be a waste of time.

Of the 25 richest billionaires in the world, their educational backgrounds range from high school dropouts to only 1 doctorate degree. 17 out of the 25 billionaires qualified for university, and 3 dropped out before completing their Bachelor of Google, Sergey Brin, famously dropped out of his Stanford PhD programme. At least 5 hold Masters degrees, including Warren Buffett, who is the third richest man in the world.

Of course, a person’s qualifications are only one indicator of ability, but examinations results and having degree qualifications can never truly measure a person. There are many other factors which contribute to success. e.g. Upbringing, inheritance, business and financial EQ etc.

According to the statistics above, since the number of billionaires who completed their tertiary education is more than those who did not, it shows that dropping out of college was not what made Bill Gates or Lawrence Ellison who they are today.

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Women in Aprons

Women in Aprons.

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Your Password

My password??? I would never reveal it out to anybody. Why should I ??? Ok..Ok..Iam sorry I know I have been asked to write about my password, not asked what my password is.

Password is something that you create to protect your files. Now why do you need protection???? Depends upon the content, the files contain. In order to save your personal information you use a password.

Now arises the question that why do you want to protect your personal information from others? Simple you don’t trust anybody. Let it be your best friend also, you will always have something to hide. Even though you express all your feelings and emotions to your closest friend, deep with-in you will have something not to share. Well I don’t say that emotions or expressions are hidden in files of a system, but they may be your personal photographs where you look ugly( of course you will look like you are) or address your Ex girlfriend or mails from your second wife or…the list of personal info goes on. Now in order to save such information we have been blessed with password.

Usually, password that a person allocates for his system or files or even locker is very relevant to his personal life. It may be his birth day, his girlfriend’s birthday or it may be his waist size, but never does a person keep his parent’s birthday or his/her mom’s lucky number. Really how nice humans are!!! Well in accordance to me that’s a fact.

Youngsters save their files with passwords as they want the HOT photos of celebrities that they have downloaded to be seen by their friends. One can share his food, room, clothes and at times even his under wears with his friends but never does share the HOT photos that they have downloaded from the net. Reason behind, ONLY I WANT TO ENJOY. Well, Iam sure everyone is aware of what HOT means here. Good if you understand because Iam not in a mood to explain about it.

Finally….well enough of it!!!!


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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